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Providence College Department of Theatre, Dance & Film

Angell Blackfriars Theatre

May 3 at 7PM

Student Film Festival

Introductory Remarks: Rev. Kenneth Gumbert, O.P.

Competing Films

Griff Massey ‘20, Abdel Zadieyh ‘21, Gerardo Davila ‘20, Matt Calogero ‘20, & Ricardo Saca ’20 - Road to the Shirt: The Movie

Trapper Phillips ‘18 - Kiss the Cook

Chris Paganelli ‘19 – Millennials

John Chatfield ‘19, Joe Ahart ‘18 - The Final Week

Jack Shanahan ‘19 - Pine Outfitters

Conor Holway ‘18 - Golden Dear Productions Gear Series

Blaine R. Payer ‘18 - Quail Hunting

Manya Glassman ‘19 - How to be Alone

Joe Fromer ‘19, Zach Gandara ‘19, Alex Poch ‘19 - Coffee Run

Jury Deliberations (The following film will be screened while jury members meet to select this year’s winners.)

Estarlyn Hiraldo ‘21 - Heritage


Mark Fogarty, Margo Guernsey, Shawn Quirk

Film Festival Running Crew

House Managers: Kathy Moore and Annie Romano

Jury Assistant: Laura Rostkowski

Control Booth Operators: Annie Rodriquez and Trung Vu

Awards Photography by Kathy Moore