Globalization has created a world in which social problems are interconnected and inter reliant. Social problems such as AIDS and extreme poverty can not be resolved by independent countries; they must be addressed on a global scale. Social Workers must respond to the global demands and expand their international knowledge base and participation. Research on the present state of AIDS and extreme poverty in the world was conducted. An exploration of the current reforms and their success rate was researched. A comparative analysis of two international without borders organization, Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders was performed. Findings revealed the high success rate of international programs hat represent a profession. Doctors Without Borders had provided heath care in over 70 countries in crisis. Engineers Without Borders had implemented 100 projects in over 40 countries that have improved the living conditions of needy communities. A design for a Social Work Without Borders organization was constructed to demonstrate an avenue to increase the social work professions participation internationally. Social Workers must become active in addressing social problems in a global context in order to uphold ut duty to promote the general welfare of society.


Providence College


May 2006









A project based on independent investigation, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Arts ion Social Work. Originally written for the Theory Practice Seminar, Providence College, 2006.

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