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A pioneering group of teenagers are identifying themselves as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (GLBTQ). GLBTQ adolescents experience a unique social isolation as compared with other minority and oppressed groups. However, current research and interventions is aimed at addressing their social isolation only once these adolescents have "come out". It was hypothesized that before "coming out" the social isolation that GLBTQ feel may be lessoned by educating all children before they begin to explore their sexual identity. A booklet was developed using feelings, experiences and supports before and after the "coming out" process, as identified by GLBTQ adolescents. With the proposed use of this booklet in a middle school health class the possible perceived effectiveness was analyzed. The data revealed a strong argument for the possible effectiveness for this educational book for all adolescents. While the breakdown of data into sub-categories revealed some variations between professionals and gender, there were no significant differences and all revealed a considerably high average rating of effectiveness. The exploratory data revealed some very important feedback both positive and valid constructive criticism. This data should be considered and further research should include adjusting the educational tool with some of the proposed input, as well as further research with a larger sample size for increased external validity.


Providence College


May 2006









A project based on independent investigation, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Arts ion Social Work. Originally written for the Theory Practice Seminar, Providence College, 2006.

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