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This quantitative, descriptive study focuses on the effectiveness of the various services available for military families from the perspective of Rhode Island military residents. A review of the literature outlines the major stressors of the military lifestyle. The services available to help military families deal with these stressors are analyzed in the study. Five Rhode Island military families participated in this study. Results revealed overall satisfaction with the resources available through the military itself, dissatisfaction with services available through other areas, such as schools, churches, or organizations, the necessity of aid during the reintegration experience, the minimal usage of the services available to military families, the need for aid when going through a problem with a child, and effectiveness of the services that are used. Implications from this study include the need for future research on the potential reasons as to why these services are used so infrequently and for such a limited amount of time. More research also needs to be done about what military families need specifically during the reintegration period, especially since the War on Terror is coming to an end and many service members will be returning home soon. This study proved the effectiveness and necessity for services to remain in action to help the service members and their families that sacrifice so much for the good of the United States.


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