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Major: Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maureen Outlaw, Sociology and Anthropology

Through a thorough analysis of published articles and books, this analysis of the effects of the “Strong Black Woman” on Black women’s experience with domestic violence shows major disparities with the experience of White women. While many Black women take pride in being “strong,” this label can have surprisingly complex and simultaneously positive and negative effects on a Black woman’s psyche. Additionally, many effects of the application of this stereotype may seem positive to Black women at the time, but after constant application of the stereotype these women are consistently worn down and treated as “less-than,” a phenomenon that can be traced back to images of Black women from times of slavery. While the majority of research focuses on heterosexual, intra-racial relationships, there are added layers of complexities that accompany same-sex or interracial relationships in the Black community. This work focuses on the added struggles Black women must endure, and how the intersection of their race and their gender provide an additional platform for them to undergo suffering.


Providence College



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4-29-2021 12:00 AM






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Sociology Commons



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