Major: Social Work

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katherine Kranz, Social Work

The Mom television series is the perfect medium to call attention to the idea of women in addiction recovery in pop culture today. As it simultaneously calls upon known stereotypes and misconceptions about addiction, it also subconsciously educates the viewer on facts about what addiction recovery may really look like. To a viewer with no knowledge of addiction and recovery, it hints at what recovery life may look like while using humor. Humor in itself can serve to be a beneficial coping mechanism, as it is the physical release of laughter which feels soothing and is a way to let out means of emotion or expression. It is also the perfect means for relatability or intervention in micro or macro practice in relation to clients or others in need of intervention and support. Humor is often depicted in the media predominantly through the male perspective, as most television show hosts, like Jimmy Fallon and Craig Ferguson or comedians, like Chris Rock, and actors, such as Robin Williams, who are the well-known for the use of humor.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM






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Social Work Commons



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