Major: Social Work

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Katie Kranz, Social Work

Vaping in the United States is becoming an epidemic especially among young adults and adolescents. As the attention and perception of vaping increases, very little is known about treatment plans and recovery strategies. Based on the current literature and qualitative research from a social work research class, most information on vaping is received through peer to peer communication or social media platforms. Both peer and social media influence have impacted and influenced vaping behaviors, especially the use of a Juul. Vaping is prevalent because of how quickly it’s gained popularity with little to no knowledge on the health risk for adolescents and young adults. Social media platforms can be used to educate, reduce harm, and potentially impede addiction. This presentation will focus on the impact about the lack of knowledge on vaping, and the use of social media and resultant peer influence has on vaping and what can be done to reduce usage. By using examples from a social work research class and the empirical literature, the presentation will demonstrate how quickly false information is spread regarding vaping.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM






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Social Work Commons



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