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The Road to Rebellion
Erik J. Chaput and Russell J. DeSimone


Deletion of AIF1 but not of YCA1/MCA1 protects Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans cells from caspofungin-induced programmed cell death
Nicanor Austriaco, Christopher Chin, Faith Donaghey, Kathrine Helming, Morgan McCarthy, and Stephen Rogers


The Art of Conducting and the Science of Rehearsal
Eric Lebel, James Brodeur, Sadie Alqhuist, Christopher Cacciavillani, Kevin Doran, Olivia Goliger, Sarah Gothers, Joseph Graziano, Sara Indish, Anastasia Krawiecki, Dylan Levinson, Steven Marchand, Patrick McCall, Mary McDermott, Brendan Murray, Kelsey O'Hare, Claire O'Connor, Elizabeth Randall, Becky Sawicki, Alanna Smith, and Christopher Garrepy

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