The Phillips Memorial Library Undergraduate Craft of Research Prize is a partnership between the library and the Center for Engaged Learning to recognize excellence in research and use of library resources by the undergraduate community at Providence College.

Winners are selected by a committee of librarians and faculty, and prizes and are awarded for three winners as well as two honorable mentions.

For more information on the prize and guidelines for participation see:

The complete list of prizewinners is below. To read the full-text of a selection of prizewinning papers scroll to the bottom of the page.

  • 1st Place- Caroline Foley, “Surface Mutation Thr34His Facilitates Purification of Haemophilus influenza Carbonic Anhydrase via Metal Affinity Chromatography”
  • 2nd Place- Brandon Greene, “How Neoliberalism Weakened Democracy in Chile”
  • 1st Place- Rebecca Marisseau, "Custom has rendered it somehow necessary; we must and will have it': English Transferware and National Identity in the Early American Republic"
  • 2nd Place- Hao You, "No Frills = No Thrills? An Econometric Study of Airline Baggage Fee Charges"
  • Honorable Mention: Emma Hodges, "Not Monsters, But Men: The Problem of Moral Injury"
  • 1st Place—John Hindley, "Neocolonialism, Liberation Theology and the Nicaraguan Revolution"
  • 2nd Place-- Jacquelyn Kelley, "The Little Magazine That Did Big Things"
  • 3rd Place—Daniel Gagnon, "France and the Community of Six: The Schuman Declaration to the Treaties of Rome"
  • Honorable Mention: Meaghan Dodson, "Radical Rejections and Sloppy Seconds"
  • Honorable Mention: Hao You, "Men, Women and War: An Examination of Gender Conflicts within Othello"
  • 1st Place- Daniel Gagnon, "Algeria, De Gaulle, and the Birth of the French Fifth Republic"


Submissions from 2015


France and the Community of Six: The Schuman Declaration to the Treaties of Rome, Daniel Gagnon


Neocolonialism, Liberation Theology and the Nicaraguan Revolution, John Hindley

Submissions from 2014


Radical Rejections and Sloppy Seconds, Meaghan Dodson


Algeria, De Gaulle, and the Birth of the French Fifth Republic, Daniel Gagnon