The Alembic


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Volume 68, Number 1 - Spring 1989. 48 pages including covers and advertisements.

  • Kittel, Karen "Cover Photograph"
  • Carberry, Marcella "Piano Work"
  • Devine, Jeff "Black"
  • Ryan, Jeremiah "M.I.A."
  • Kittel, Karen "Photograph"
  • Pierpoint, David "The Lesson"
  • Bronson, Matthew W. "Barn-Blaze"
  • Lipoma, John "Marijuana"
  • Thomas, Anthony "Photograph"
  • O'Keefe, Timothy J. "Note Bene"
  • Mizzoni, John "Our Claim"
  • Ryan, Kerry Anne "Formal"
  • Carberry, Marcella "A Response to the Sub-Urban Coalition of "Mothers of Self-Pity""
  • Emery, Allison "Fine Dining"
  • Kittel, Karen "Photograph"
  • Devine, Jeff "Easter Morning"
  • Toole, Robert P. "A Minor Pause"
  • Preston, Jennifer "Alliteration"
  • Best, Christine "Gloucester Road"
  • Barretti, Dina "Corpus, Christi"
  • Pierpoint, David "Death Row"
  • Daly, Elizabeth "North Station"
  • Carberry, Marcella "Photograph"
  • Bromson, Matthew W. "Demon in My Piano"
  • Gander, Forrest "I Want to Tell You About My Luck"
  • Ryan, Jeremiah "a 75 year old $2.00 bottle of wine"
  • Emery, Allison "Romantic Interlude on 42nd Street"
  • Donohue, Anna K. "Photograph"
  • Glover, Krissie "The Hour of Electricity"
  • Tinaro, Robert "Photograph"
  • Perel, Jane Lunin "Last Light"
  • Pierpoint, Davie "Peuter Image"
  • Preston, Jennifer "Vivaldi's "Four Seasons""
  • Kittel, Karen "Photograph"
  • Toole, Robert P. "Concessions in the Night"
  • Tata, Michael "Hateful of the Sun"
  • Tinaro, Robert "Autumn"
  • Donohue, Anna K. "Photograph"
  • McCullough, Dan "Pleasant Pond"
  • Benison, Christopher "Photograph - Lake District, England"
  • Annunziata, Lisa "Parade"
  • Tobin, Mark "Psycho-kitten Stomps Out Noise Pollution"
  • Matthews, Linda "Photograph - Aldeia Vicosa, Portugal"


Spring 1989





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