The Alembic


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Volume 69, Number 1 - Spring 1990. 90 pages including covers and advertisements.


  • Merrill, James "The Illustrations"
  • Weigl, Bruce "Elegy for the Swans at Grace Pond"
  • Glover, Krisser "Untitled"
  • Yattaw, Demian "Breathe The Night"
  • Yattaw, Demian "To The Other Side"
  • Ai "Lyndon Libre"
  • Pavao, Maria "A Portuguese Romance"
  • Bernard, Diane "Nowthenheretherewhatever"
  • Arrone-Amestoy, Lida "Philosophism"
  • Arrone-Amestoy, Lida "Inertia"
  • Camlet, Kim "#126"
  • Perrow, Michael "The Bushes"
  • Perrow, Michael "The Shell"
  • Hayes, John E. "Dr. King Shot In Memphis"
  • Moore, Ed "The Purchase"
  • Moore, Ed "The Big Town"
  • Reynolds, DDM "Library 1:45"
  • Reynolds, DDM "Cobwebs 2:00 PM"
  • McCrorie, Edward "Christmas Introductions"
  • Grossi, Joseph "Ten Prayers Before an Open Casket"
  • Newman, Tracy "Disquiet"
  • Stafford, William " Stray Moments"
  • Stafford, William "How You Know"
  • Stafford, William "Later"
  • Barretti, Dina M. "Complex Proxemics Phonetics"
  • Milan, Elena "Folklore"
  • Galvan, Kyra "Why Life Runs On And Does Not Happen"
  • Galvan, Kyra "City Woman"
  • Mulcahy, Pam "Refractions"
  • Tata, Michael "bastille day"
  • Janowitz, Phyllis "Damaged Maps"
  • Janowitz, Phyllis "Shame Comes Into This"
  • Janowitz, Phyllis "Camp Reunion"
  • Lunin-Perel, Jane "Back on the Sea"
  • Yattaw, William "Wheat Field"
  • O'Neil, Christopher "Music of the City"
  • Connelly, Laureen "Procreative Wasteland"
  • Aisling "Pattern Like Crucifixion"
  • Robinson, Charles "Lenio and the Sea"
  • Robinson, Charles "To One Who Became A Poet"
  • Tinaro, Robert R. "Dad"
  • Mayer, Pete "Poetic Justice: 3 Parts"
  • Johnson, Peter "The Watchers"
  • Johnson, Peter "Concerning Kinship of Cat and Bird"

Artwork (in order of appearance)

  • MacLearie, M.B. 'Untitled"
  • O'Shaughnessy, Robert "Right"
  • O'Shaughnessy, Robert "Bums"
  • Girard, Julie "Shattered Images"
  • Shannon, Jessica "Stradivarius"
  • Fitzgerald, Colleen "Flowers in Ink"
  • Bellotti, Michael "Untitled"


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Spring 1990





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