Subject Area

Educational psychology; Elementary education; Language


Major: Elementary and Special Education
Minor: Spanish Minor

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ana Cecilia Iraheta, Foreign Language Studies

This study was designed to assess the linguistic attitudes of bilingual students at Providence College. It was conducted from the perspective of a student researcher with a background on elementary and special education as well as Spanish. Overall, the participants exhibited a generally positive attitude about bilingualism, and there was a noticeable correlation between the celebration of bilingualism as a child and the celebration of bilingualism as a college student. The majority of participants also emphasized the importance of their bilingualism in a professional setting. This study, although limited by the number of participants and survey format, offers valuable insight about the linguistic attitudes of bilingual students at this institution. Insight that, once taken into account by teachers and administrators, could help create a more culturally responsive environment.


Providence College



Start Date

4-22-2020 12:00 AM






Included in

Education Commons



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