Providence College Serials

Current Serials

The Alembic

The Alembic is the official literary journal of Providence College. Founded in 1920, it was the College's first publication and has gone through many changes since its original run. Earlier issues served not only as a platform for student literary expression, but also as a yearbook and news service. Inclusions in the journal have received national attention through various literary review committees and organizations.

The Cowl

Providence College's student newspaper, The Cowl, began publication on November 16th, 1935. It has been published continously each academic year since then, with the exception of two years in the 1940's during World War II.

Student Publications (No Longer Published)


A single-run publication from 1967 criticizing the intellectual state of the College and calling for a more inquisitive, critical experience and a greater sense of free expression. Also contained within this document is a prayer and response by acting Chaplain Adrian M. Wade, O.P., which criticizes anti-political perspectives among the student population.

Black and White

Black and White was a short-run independently-affiliated political newsletter published by students of Providence College. The print edition was an accompaniment to the "Black and White" blog created by the editors.

Congress Connect

Congress Connect (formerly published as Congress Connection) was the print newsletter of the PC Student Congress. It offered information on class projects, upcoming events, and updates from Congress.

History Alive

History Alive! was the short-run newsletter of the Providence College History Club.

Scholarly Friar

A short-run newsletter published by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee of Providence College.

Student Voice

A newsletter-format statement by Providence College students regarding the presence and impact of student voices on campus. The document urges that students have more power in how the community is governed.

The Entropy

The Entropy (also published as the Providence College Journal of Physics and Chemistry) was an undergraduate scholarship journal published by the Phi Chi Club of Providence College.

The Free Press

The Free Press student newspaper was conceived and published in the Spring and Fall semesters of 1977 as an alternative news source to the Cowl. The brainchild of Providence College student Stephen J. d’Olivera ’78, The Free Press was entirely dependent on student funding and support for its existence. With high expectations, Beth E. Vollano ‘79, the editor of the second issue of The Free Press, loudly proclaimed in an op-ed article , “Our primary objective is that of an additional outlet for expression of student ideas. We are an alternative to the Cowl. We are not in competition with it…“ In addition, Vollano continued to assert “This is our second issue. The paper made its debut last April. It almost died in September but now it is here to stay.” Unfortunately, after publication of the second issue, The Free Press has never been published again.

The Misinformer

The Misinformer was a short-run parody/satirical student publication.

What on Earth

What on Earth was a short-run student publication by the Providence College Environmental and Wildlife Club.