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Sociology between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics (SBG) is an innovative, peer-reviewed, open-access, cross-disciplinary, independent online journal published in English. This journal publishes high quality submissions that fall into sociological work that may be viewed by some as outside mainstream sociological topics; hence the full journal title: Sociology between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics. SBG also aims to reflect the intersections of social class, race, gender, age and cross-disciplinary views by encouraging authors to submit work on topics that cross disciplinary boundaries and/or areas of specialization but effectively link disciplines to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the topics and issues addressed.

This not-for-profit journal is published electronically in collaboration with Digital Projects & Metadata at Providence College's Phillips Memorial Library + Commons. The Editor-In-Chief is grateful to the library staff that help make this publication possible.

Editor-In-Chief: Josephine A. Ruggiero, Ph. D.
Professor Emerita of Sociology.
Providence College.
Providence, Rhode Island 02918

The Editorial Board of SBG seeks original empirical, theoretical, applied, and critical review papers that add to the existing body of knowledge in sociology. The Editorial Board is also interested in publishing point of view essays, book and film reviews, and other entries that fit with the mission of SBG. Papers on themes addressed in Volumes 1 (adoption in international perspective), 2 (creating livable communities in diverse societies, and 3 (cultural lag in post-modern society) are also encouraged.

Submissions will be evaluated and published on an on-going basis. Submissions to a given volume of SBG will be accepted through December 1st of the year identified on the journal cover OR when the Editor-in-Chief decides that sufficient items have been accepted for publication in a volume.

Send submissions and inquiries to Dr. Josephine Ruggiero, Editor-in-Chief at: jruggier@providence.edu

Current Volume: Volume 6
Sociology Between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics (2021)



Changes in the Fear of Crime in the United States by Gender and by Race
Emily M. Deluca, Stephanie Luna Carrasquillo, and Roger Clark


Adoptees and Adoptive Parents as “Other”
Josephine A. Ruggiero and Roger D. Clark

Point of View Essay