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Sociology between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics (SBG) is an innovative, peer-reviewed, open-access, cross-disciplinary, independent online journal published in English.

This not-for-profit journal is published electronically in collaboration with the Digital Publishing Services Department at Providence College's Phillips Memorial Library + Commons. The Editor-In-Chief is grateful to the library staff that help make this publication possible.

Editor-In-Chief: Josephine A. Ruggiero, Ph. D.
Professor Emerita of Sociology.
Providence College.
Providence, Rhode Island 02918

Sociology between the Gaps will consider submitted work from sociologists, students enrolled in sociology courses, and professionals in related fields providing the content of the submission has not been substantially published previously or submitted simultaneously to another journal or publication, print or electronic. Papers may be submitted by those working in academic, applied, clinical, or other settings. The Editor-In-Chief encourages submissions in English from international authors working on topics of sociological interest. See the Aims and Scope for a complete description of the journal.

About SBG4: Open-Topic Submissions

The Editorial Board of Sociology between the Gaps is seeking submissions on forgotten, neglected, or unexplored topics or aspects of topics within sociology. Papers on themes addressed in Volumes 1-3 are also encouraged. Submitting authors are expected to review and follow SBG Manuscript Guidelines and to make clear how their paper fits within the mission of SBG.

Submissions to SBG4 and the blog will be evaluated and published on an on-going basis. Volume 4 will be closed when the Editor-in-Chief decides that sufficient items have been accepted for publication in the volume. Send submissions and questions to Dr. Josephine Ruggiero, Editor-in-Chief at: jruggier@providence.edu

Current Volume: Volume 4 (2018) Sociology Between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics


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