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Aims and Scope

The principal objective of SBG is to publish high quality, original articles including research notes, critical essays, and review papers which fall into subfields in sociological work that may be viewed by some as outside mainstream sociological topics; hence the journal title: Sociology between the Gaps: Forgotten and Neglected Topics.

This journal also aims to reflect the intersections of social class, race, gender, age, and cross-disciplinary views by encouraging sociologists and professionals in related fields to submit work on topics that cross disciplinary boundaries and/or areas of specialization but effectively link disciplines to provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on the topics addressed.

Types of Submissions Appropriate for Publication in SBG:

Original, Empirical, Theoretical, or Critical submissions, including Reviews of the Literature which add important and/or new insights into a field, or subfield, of sociology.

Based on the calendar year (January – December), each new volume of SBG will operate on a rolling process which allows for ongoing electronic submissions to the Editor-In-Chief throughout the year. This process allows papers to be reviewed and, if accepted for publication in SBG, added to each volume. Submissions for Volume 2 will be accepted through December 31, 2016. Authors are encouraged to send their submissions to the Editor-in-Chief as early in the submission process as possible.

The Editor-In-Chief is seeking original papers on the theme of Cultural Lag: An Underestimated Issue in Postmodern Society for Volume 3 of SBG.

Book and Film Reviews:

The Editor-In-Chief, or a Guest Editor acting with the approval of the Editor-In-Chief, may invite book reviews related to a theme of a particular journal issue. Book reviews submitted without prior invitation and approval from the Editor-In-Chief or Guest Editor will not be considered for publication in Sociology between the Gaps.

For more information on publishing book and film reviews in SBG see the Manuscript Guidelines.

Point of View Essays:

The POV section of SBG will consist of essays from individuals (including non-sociologists) who have direct experience with the topic being explored in each volume. For example, in Volume 1, Adoption and Families, essay writers may include adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, adoption activists, and adoption lawyers. The goal of the POV essay section is to generate open substantive discussion of controversial topics and issues related to each volume’s theme, and to include the work of individuals who have a range of perspectives and experiences. In response to POVs already published in SBG, those who have opposing viewpoints are encouraged to submit their ideas/work as a tastefully-written response.

For more information on publishing point of view essays in SBG see the Manuscript Guidelines.

Student Paper Submissions:

The Editorial Board of Sociology between the Gaps (SBG) encourages original, unpublished papers in the field of sociology written by undergraduate or graduate students to be submitted to SBG. High-quality, well-written student papers may be submitted either by the author(s) of the paper or by the faculty advisor/mentor of students who are currently enrolled in the pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree. Student submitters are NOT required to be sociology majors.

The preparation of all submissions MUST follow SBG Manuscript Guidelines listed on the SBG website: http://digitalcommons.providence.edu/sbg/policies.html. The Editor-in-Chief of SBG expects students and faculty advisors/mentors to review the Manuscript Guidelines together and to make sure the submission follows all of them. Doing this in advance should produce a strong, well-written submission and reduce revisions required of the author(s) after the submission is reviewed.

The Faculty advisor/mentor's name, academic affiliation, and contact information must be included on the Cover Page of the submission along with the title of the submission, author's name and contact information. On the Cover Sheet of the paper, authors are also expected to include a brief Bio statement of four to six sentences about themselves and their goals.

The faculty advisor/mentor is also expected to send a letter of support (via email) for her/his students' submission to the Editor-in-Chief at jruggier@providence.edu at the same time the submission is sent to her.

If you are a student interested in submitting content to SBG and you have any additional questions about the process please reach out to the Editor-in-Chief at jruggier@providence.edu.

The Review Process:

After an initial screening by the Editor-In-Chief, each submission will be sent to at least two peer reviewers using a double-blind procedure. Reviewers will send their written reviews to the Editor-In-Chief in a timely fashion. The Editor-In-Chief will contact the lead author providing to her/him with a copy of each review and the Editor’s decision regarding publication of the submitted paper.

Papers which are accepted for publication may be accepted in their current form with only minor changes OR with a provisional acceptance based on the author(s) completing specific revisions (Revise and Re-submit).

The Editor-In-Chief reserves the right to refuse any manuscript submitted to SBG and to make suggestions and/or modifications to it before publication. Submitted papers must be in final form when submitted. Manuscripts sent to SBG will be returned for reworking or retyping if they do not conform to ASA style and formatting requirements.

Formatting The Manuscript:

Visit the Manuscript Guidelines page for a full explanation of the requirements for manuscript preparation.